Sciatica Pain Relief

20 Mar 2014

Hey all! Many patients suffer from Sciatica and lower back pain. Here are some quick references and tips that you can do right at home! 3 quick exercises! For Yogies! How to incorporate yoga into sciatica relief! This website provides stretches that you can do to relieve you lower back pain. Pictures and instructions included! There is also a neat book that is available on iBooks.  Pain Free Motion for Your Lower Back- Relief Without Meds, Injections, or Surgery

3 Quick Tips to Ease Your Aching Shoulders

19 Mar 2014

Hey you! Yes you, the one staring at the computer screen. Are you hunched over your desk? Do your shoulders and neck hurt? Here’s some quick tips that may help: Use a yoga strap to keep your shoulders back. Grab a friend and swap shoulder massages, or give us a call and we will come to your office for chair massage. Take a posture break: Place both feet on the floor. Sit tall. Bring both arms out to the sides. Turn your palms up. Reach your thumbs toward the wall behind you. Take a deep breath, lift your gaze, and Smile!