24 Apr 2014

Women everywhere! This is important! More than 40 million American already have osteoporosis or at high risk, YIKES! This blog is dedicated to the prevention of osteoporosis and how to naturally manage the effects of it. Enjoy! First! What is osteoporosis? In laymen’s terms it is the weakening of the bone because of the lack of production of the bone tissue, thus leading to increased risk of fractures and breaks.   Prevention Calcium and Vitamin D supplements!! Make sure you are getting enough of both of these! Healthy Diet! Here are some bone healthy foods to consider eating.   EXERCISE!!! The most effective are weight-bearing exercises and muscle strengthening! Examples of.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

24 Apr 2014

Cancer is a very sensitive topic for some individuals, but it is important to openly discuss the benefits of massage therapy for patients. This blog is going to be dedicated to how beneficial message therapy is for these individuals. I hope this blog is helpful and persuasive. Everyone at Green Yoga Spa genuinely would like to relieve and ease the stress and pain of an already intense process.    Research Studies: “Role of Message Therapy in Cancer Patients” The authors of this study are focused on message therapy and its benefits for cancer patients. They used multiple studies and compared their findings. Below is a summary of their findings. Massage.

Migraine Headaches

15 Apr 2014

To all of those that suffer from Migraine headaches, here is some resources for relief!     What is a Migraine headache anyway? According to How-Stuff-Works a migraine is a process of many steps. Pain-sensing cells in your brain stem (nociceptors) notice a change and release a chemical (neuropeptides). This chemical attacks other pain-sensing cells nearby, making them more sensitive to pain. They also release neuropeptides. Some of these chemicals begin to work on the muscles surrounding the blood vessels near the surface of your brain. Those muscles relax, making the blood vessels dilate and causing more blood to flow. This is where doctors think the aura in a classic.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

08 Apr 2014

This weeks blog is dedicated to shedding some light on carpal tunnel syndrome! Have you ever felt a strong ache in your wrists that made you nervous that there could be something wrong in there? Well, here are some quick tips, diagnostics, exercises, and even videos! Enjoy! What is Carpal Tunnel?  Your nerves and tendons are protected by “tunnels” that are formed by the bones and ligaments, but when a the bones and ligaments press up against those nerves that run through the wrist, it causes the pain the hands and wrists. Causes of Carpal Tunnel?  There is no exact cause but most of the time it is a result of excessive use.