Announcement: We are moving!

28 May 2014

New location, new hooome Green Yoga Spa will be moving one block in downtown Urbana. Green Yoga Spa plans to open its new location at 302 W Elm St. in July! During the move, doors will be closed June 28th -June 30th. The new location is not so new to Mary Wolters. Over the past two years, she has been using treatment rooms in this lovely Victorian Day Spa for private yoga lessons, thai yoga massage, and meditation groups. The Green Yoga Spa plans to reopen with all of the same services on the menu, including massage therapy, reflexology, and naturapathic medicine. Green Yoga Spa and Living Yoga Center were unable to find collaborative space together. They are sharing the same timeline:.

Just because its funny…

08 May 2014

12 YOGA POSES FOR STRESSED MOTHERS… make sure to check on the funny names.

Reflexology and Arthritis

06 May 2014

Many individuals experience the painful symptoms of arthritis in their daily lives. However, there are some ways to relieve these symptoms and its called Reflexology!! What is Arthritis? Arthritis is a joint condition that involves inflammation and pain. There are over 100 different categories of arthritis, but the main two are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis- “Osteoarthritis (OA), the most common form of arthritis, is a progressive degenerative joint disease characterized by the breakdown of joint cartilage associated with risk factors, such as overweight/obesity, history of joint injury and age.” Rheumatoid Arthritis- “Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a systemic disease characterized by the inflammation of the membranes lining the joint, which causes.