Nutrition Coaching with Lola



Nutrition Coaching with Lola

Topics covered in sessions range from weight loss coaching, self-exploration, personalized yoga instruction, nutritional plans, and meditation.

Lola’s private nutrition & wellness coaching sessions are completely customized to meet your personal needs. Her services include private nutritional and wellness coaching, school consulting, private yoga instruction, and dance cardio (zumba) classes. She offers one on one instruction around exercise routines, nutrition, natural pain relief, pre- and post natal guidance, mindfulness, and more. Each session includes time for movement, time to review the plan she has customized for you, and time to go over the questions you have for her.

In addition to your one on one sessions, all of Lola’s packages include unlimited virtual time via email or texts. Lola’s goal in working with you is to guide you to making choices that are the best for your overall well-being. Schedule a session today!