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Solstice Party and Vision Board: Meditate . Relate . Create

Solstice Party and Vision Board: Meditate . Relate . Create

December 2018 Event

What you think about, you bring about…

Let’s use the technology of present moment awareness in meditation to discover your amazing power of deliberate intent through visualization, journaling, and reflective listening.

Mary (Merry Waters) will provide the space to dive deep with-in to unlock to power of your deepest desires with a guided journeying meditation to bring you into a place of spaciousness where you may tap into a field of infinite possibilities and hone in on what truly makes your heart beat loud and clear.

After the journeying meditation, we will journal, then relate our vision to others, practice reflective listening and create an affirmation. You will identify one key action item you will do to help propel your idea and vision into reality.

As your vision takes shape and images form, we will hunt for pictures to convey the meaning of your vision from the stock of magazines on hand. You are welcomed to bring your own supplies as well.

A vision board is a powerful tool for focused manifestation. When you look at it throughout 2019, it will remind you of the joy of creation taking into account a bigger picture and serve as a reminder of how to align with your purpose.

During the vision board creation, there will be music, movement, food, drinks, and conversation. Mark the darkest day of the year with the light of your passionate, heartfelt vision!

Invite your friends!!
Please pre-register to hold your space for this special event.