Services in Nutrition

Lola’s private nutrition & wellness coaching sessions are completely customized to meet your personal needs. Her services include private nutritional and wellness coaching, ​school consulting, private yoga instruction, and dance cardio (zumba) classes. She offers one on one instruction around exercise routines, nutrition, natural pain relief, pre and post natal guidance, mindfulness, and more. Each session includes time for movement, time to review the plan she has customized for you, and time to go over the questions you have for her. Topics covered in sessions range from weight loss coaching, self-exploration, personalized yoga instruction, nutritional plans, and meditation. In addition to your one on one sessions, all of Lola’s packages include unlimited virtual time via email or texts. Lola’s goal in working with you is to guide you to making choices that are the best for your overall well-being. Schedule a session today!

Lola Pittenger wears so many hats, making her fantastic at multi-tasking and connecting with so many different types of people. She is a certified life and nutrition coach, an elementary school teacher and leader, and a certified yoga and zumba instructor. With over 10 years of experience, Lola’s passion is to inspire all beings to live the best life that they can: a life filled with positive energy, confidence, creativity, and abundance.

Lola was raised in rural Illinois before moving to the northwest suburbs of Chicago for middle school. With both parents as working musicians, Lola was raised with music and the arts all around her. This has fueled her creative spirit and allowed her to incorporate music into all that she does. She went to college in Urbana, Illinois after spending one year in Argentina living with a host family. This is the year Lola began to understand what the words “true self” actually meant. Being pushed completely out of everything she ever believed to be true, Lola was able to take a step back and decide who she wanted to become.

She returned to the U.S. and began to study all that she could about Latin American cultures. She fell in love with salsa dancing and began prioritizing her physical fitness and overall health. Soon, Lola decided she needed another year of self-exploration and spent a year abroad, living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her trip to Brazil was her opportunity to find self-love and respect, a concept not many 22 year old women think of often. Lola was able to do this by starting a regular yoga practice with a local studio in Brazil. Through yoga, Lola was finally able to quiet her mind and allow her heart to speak to her. Since Brazil, Lola hasn’t stopped talking about this life-changing year! Her friends and family often joke about “yet another Brazil story” from Lola. But she will be forever changed from that year alone, abroad, and inspired.

Lola’s calling is to teach. She sees teaching as ‘performing’, which is Lola’s second calling. She received her Master’s in Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She taught in a Spanish, dual language immersion classroom at Namaste Charter School, in Chicago’s south side for 8 years. She grew tremendously as a professional and poured her heart and soul into the art of teaching. As a teacher, yoga, dance, and nutrition continued to call to Lola and each day, her students knew that Lola’s favorite parts of the day were her routine movement breaks and nutrition mini lessons. Lola worked hard to receive her Zumba and 200 hour Yoga certifications. The school leaders could see the changes Lola was making towards health and wellness and out of traditional classroom teaching. In the fall of 2013, Lola was blessed with an opportunity to lead her school’s health and wellness programming. Her time as a leader in the wellness field has given her countless opportunities for growth and creative expansion. Lola has been fortunate to touch the lives of her 480 students each day. She believes whole heartedly that each being deserves true happiness and love. Each moment of her work reflects this truth.

Lola’s work as a school leader has come to an end though she will forever remain a teacher. She has decided to continue along her path in the health and wellness field offering nutrition and wellness coaching and classes to individuals, schools, and other small businesses.