Licensed Massage Therapist
and Cosmetologist, Certified Sarga Bodywork Therapist, Certified Hoopnotica Hoopfit and Hoop-dance Instructor

Phone:  217­.390.6034

Jamie’s massage services include:

She also offers:

Jamie holds dual licensing for massage therapy and cosmetology.  She has extensive training in Swedish massage, Thai massage, Ashiatsu, Prenatal and Hot Stone Massage. Some of her services include leg and arm waxing, back waxing, eyebrow, lip and nose. In addition to the waxing esthetics, Jamie offers a fabulous facial customized to your skin’s needs. Custom facial using all natural, vegan and gluten free products for fresh, revitalized skin.

She is also a certified Hoopnotica Hoopfit and Hoop dance instructor. She loves spreading love and sunshine through wellness services.

Hula hooping is a fun way to explore how to move from a place of sensuous circling in feminine freedom. Hooping is a celebration of our curves! Not only does hooping strengthen over 30 core muscles in your body, especially along the spine, but it also increases your heart rate as well as coordination. Turn a new leaf and “let go” with your own holy circular movements.

Contour massage is a 60 minute full body massage that focuses on upper arms, back, abdomen and upper legs. Using a defining gel and vigorous strokes this massage targets the appearance of cellulite. Add dry brushing to any massage for an extra $25.