Mary Wolters, “My spiritual name is “Merry Waters.”

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1. Mantras, Meditation, and Malas –

Merry will share with you sacred chants used to create a calm mind. This is a great way to begin a meditation practice. In addition, we will explore the thread of the breath in mindfulness meditation and sink deep. Learn how to use males with a bead strand from India. Additional fee if you want to keep your mala beads.

2.  Ahimsa, Non-Violent Communication & Holding Space

Merry will hold a talking circle and share information on how to practice Non-Violent Communication. NVC is a way of seeing and hearing the world in a more compassionate and loving way. We will explore the 4 step process of NVC and bring it to life with concrete examples.

3. Fluid Yoga with Merry Waters

From the rhythm of our breathing to the pulsation of our heart beating, our bodies are dynamically changing, vacillating, and regenerative. Get in touch with the organic movement that naturally arises in alignment with your fluid body. Like the Earth, our bodies are made up of somewhere between 70-90% water. Let’s move together with fluidity and ease, “thawing out” the asanas with the breath, (breath is also called “inspiritus” in latin, “prana” in sanskrit, describing your life force energy). Find your inner curiosity and see what spontaneity can produce when we are moved by the breath.  You might be surprised by your own inner capacity for creativity!

4. Thai Yoga Massage

Sacred touch is something that has been a profound source of healing throughout the millennia. Simply being present and focused on the other person can bring waves of relaxation and release. The physical body has the capacity to hold an incredible amount of tension, even unconsciously. One thing this ancient massage offers is an increased awareness of energy lines that have been mapped out throughout the body with the use of hands and feet. Passive stretching, and breath work are two more ways to access this energetic body work that can feel like a very deep massage.  Thai massage is a mutually beneficial, shared dance and an enjoyable way to connect with another friend-along-the-path using healing touch.