Cancer is a very sensitive topic for some individuals, but it is important to openly discuss the benefits of massage therapy for patients. This blog is going to be dedicated to how beneficial message therapy is for these individuals. I hope this blog is helpful and persuasive. Everyone at Green Yoga Spa genuinely would like to relieve and ease the stress and pain of an already intense process. 

Research Studies:

“Role of Message Therapy in Cancer Patients”

The authors of this study are focused on message therapy and its benefits for cancer patients. They used multiple studies and compared their findings. Below is a summary of their findings.

  • Massage gives patient’s something to look forward to
  • Can lead to more family interaction if a massage therapist can teach the family members easy techniques
  • Reduced anxiety, depression and anger
  • Boost in immune system processes!

Russell, N. C., Sumler, S., Beinhorn, C. M., & Frenkel, M. A. (2008). Role of Massage Therapy in Cancer Care. Journal Of Alternative & Complementary Medicine14(2), 209-214. doi:10.1089/acm.2007.7176

“Massage Therapy vesus Simple touch to Improve Pain and Mood in Patients with Advanced Cancer”

This article was specifically for patients with Advanced cancer. The researches did a randomized trial (one that leaves little room for bias) and the results are summarized below.

Both Message therapy and simple touch were beneficial for:

  • Immediate improvement in pain and mood for both massage and simple touch. 
  • Improvement in quality of life.
  • Massage is useful as a form of palliative care (relieving of symptoms).

Massage Therapy versus Simple Touch to Improve Pain and Mood in Patients with Advanced Cancer. (2008). Annals of Internal Medicine149(6), 369-I38.

“Leg Massage Therapy Promotes Psychological Relaxation and Reinforces the First-Line Host Defense in Cancer Patients”

This research was specifically done using led massage therapy. The researchers were curious about the affect of this technique on their psychological stress. They also studied the immune function as they were concerned with immunosuppresant nature of chemotherapy. The results are as follows.

  • Psychosocial relaxation was increased
  • Leg massage may “reinforce the first-line host defense with an increase in secretion of antimicrobial peptides”.

Noto, Y., Kitajima, M., Kudo, M., Okudera, K., & Hirota, K. (2010). Leg massage therapy promotes psychological relaxation and reinforces the first-line host defense in cancer patients. Journal Of Anesthesia24(6), 827-831. doi:10.1007/s00540-010-1028-9.

American Cancer Society also recognized many of the benefits that these research studies have found to be true!

Here are some videos of massage therapy technique specifically for cancer patients that you can do from your home.

Mary also does a free yoga class for cancer survivors! Spread the word!!