To all of those that suffer from Migraine headaches, here is some resources for relief!



What is a Migraine headache anyway?

According to How-Stuff-Works a migraine is a process of many steps.

  1. Pain-sensing cells in your brain stem (nociceptors) notice a change and release a chemical (neuropeptides).
  2. This chemical attacks other pain-sensing cells nearby, making them more sensitive to pain. They also release neuropeptides.
  3. Some of these chemicals begin to work on the muscles surrounding the blood vessels near the surface of your brain. Those muscles relax, making the blood vessels dilate and causing more blood to flow. This is where doctors think the aura in a classic migraine comes from.
  4. Some of the neuropeptide chemicals cause the cranial (skull) vessels to begin leaking, making the tissue around the area swell.



Many people experience what is called an Aura before their migraine is about to occur.  The aura is a warning sign that can show up as flashing lights, blind spots, and tingling in the arms and legs.


What causes them?

 There is no set answer, but there are some things that are thought to cause migraine headaches such as:

  • Emotional Stress
  • Sensitivity to specific chemicals and preservatives to food
  • Caffeine- Excessive, because many people can be helped by caffeine while experiencing a migraine
  • Changing weather conditions-pressure changes, etc.
  • Menstrual Periods or Birth Control
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Skipping meals
  • Changes in normal sleep pattern



There are a plethora of different approaches to get rid of Migraines. Here is a link to Web MD’s alternative headache relief:  

And here are some more quick relief tips…

Massage Therapy

Drink Caffeine

Peppermint oil

Eat ginger or take ginger capsules

Magnesium supplements

Vitamin B2

Hot and Cold Compresses

Tying a tight headband or ace bandage around the head for compression


David Buchholz wrote a book on the subject.

Here is a picture of the book cover, a link to the NPR review of the book, and more information about Buchholz’s approach.

Cover from David Buchholz' book, Heal Your Headache