It’s as easy as ABC. The Letter Sound Yoga app makes learning the sounds of the alphabet active.

Pop a squat with your little one indoors or out and follow Letter Sound Yoga’s kid-friendly yoga poses on your smart device. The new educational health app designed for kids ages 3–12, parents, and teachers by California elementary school and yoga teacher, Danette Stephan. The app ($2.99 at Appstore) follows a book, DVD, and Pose Cards of the same name.

Letter Sound Yoga serves as a mobile fitness program providing a series of playful and calming postures, each of which correspond with a letter of the alphabet. Kids can either practice the entire alphabet from A–Z, or pick and choose from the menu of letters in creative ways. They can yoga their name, the day of the week, or any word they want to practice to. Stephan encourages kids during school lessons to choose a vocabulary word and yoga the word to add some movement to their school day.

On an educational note, each letter pose and video is designed around letter sounds and pronunciations (think “wh,” “ch,” “th”). The practice is set up systematically, so children practice each of the many sounds associated with each letter. For instance, the letter “C” is represented by several poses in the App: Cat, Cow, Circle and Child.

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